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Adam Wand (1989, Baltimore, MD) is an artist and filmmaker

based in Los Angeles, California. 


2020       MFA in the Program in Film/Video from California Institute of the Arts 
                  Los Angeles, California, USA

2012        BFA in Sculpture from Sam Fox School of Design & Visual Art at Washington University in St. Louis  

                 St. Louis, Missouri, USA

2011         Prague Film School, Summer Filmmaking Intensive
                 Prague, Czech Republic


2019        Hoard Inaugural, Los Angeles Contemporary Archive

                 Los Angeles, CA

2019        TractionArts Screening, Spring/Break Art Fair
                  Los Angeles, CA

2018         Experimental Video Show, The Exchange Gallery
                  Bloomsburg, PA

2018        Showcase for the Program in Film/Video, RedCat 
                 Los Angeles, CA

2016        House of Orange, Kilroy Metal Ceiling,
                 Brooklyn, NY

2015        Grid(less), Wilma Projects at MX Gallery, 
                 Brooklyn, NY

2012        Wonder Years, Des Lee Gallery, 
                  St. Louis, MO

2012        Post Post Office, Fort Gondo, 
                 St Louis, MO

2012        Are We There Yet?, Los Caminos Gallery, 
                 St. Louis, MO

2011         Primordial Ooze, 2715 Cherokee Street,
                 St. Louis, MO



2020                        Post Graduate Teaching Fellow, California Institute of the Arts

2018                          Film/Video Production Grant, California Institute of the Arts

2019-2020             Cannon Memorial Scholarship, California Institute of the Arts

2017-2020             Lilian Disney Scholarship, California Institute of the Arts

2011 & 2012            Caroline Risque Janis Prize in Sculpture, Washington University in St. Louis



2019        CalArts Program in Film/Video Showcase selection committee 

2012         The Children of the End of the World art collective. Throughout the year  of 2012 a collective of artists                                organized a series of exhibitions in independent art galleries and alternative spaces in the city of  St. Louis,                            around the theme of the impending apocalypse. 


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