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This site collects the work and documentation of a longterm moving-image research project on the legend of the GOLEM.

Briefly: this legend has it origins in ancient Jewish tradition and tells the tale of a creature which a learned sage forms from earth and imbues with holy text, creating a sort of life-form that is at the service of its creator. Very often, the tale ends in violence and self-destruction.

This project is an attempt to explore the various potential embodiments of the Golem and how its long shadow has been cast over modernity since its dawn in ancient mystical practice, through the Enlightenment and onto contemporary culture. It is a witness, a symptom, and an accomplice to the development of industry and capitalism, the cinematographic apparatus, computational systems, and the complexities of the digital age.

The project has taken on several shapes: a medium-length film; a multi-channel video installation; sculptures and collages; and a research journal collated as a book to be self-published in 2020. 

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