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Elements of a Journey: Antoni Tàpies
Film Sound Designer

"An experimental documentary focusing on the legacy of Antoni Tàpies, the 20th century Catalan painter and sculptor who died in 2012. Tàpies stood out in his lifetime, not only as a major painter but also as the voice of freedom and hope for an entire generation during a very dark period in Spain’s history.

This film, began principal photography in 1974 during the dictatorship. The project was put into long-term hiatus, due to funding issues, and the original negatives stored at the British Film Institute. Now after almost 50 years, with the support of the Fundació Antoni Tàpies the film is complete, finding new meaning after the death of the artist"

What Future with Joshua Topolsky
Podcast Editor

"Host Joshua Topolsky (co-creator of Vox Media and founder of The Verge) deconstructs modern culture, mining the surprising connections that make up our increasingly frenetic world. A heady mixture of fugue-state monologues and spontaneous, irreverent conversations with experts, weirdos, and big thinkers"

The Ron Burgundy Podcast (Season 5) 
Podcast Editor
"Will Ferrell reprises his role as Ron Burgundy in the world-famous Ron Burgundy Podcast"

The Truth Hounds

Podcast Editor

"Anna Seregina and Kyle Mizono are two close friends who have decided to investigate mysteries both universal and mundane, such as: why are some people always late? And why does it feel so good to reveal a secret?In every episode, Anna & Kyle attempt to get to the bottom of these mysteries. And they will stop at nothing to get there - because they have the time"

Not Your Boondoggle

Podcast Co-Producer & Editor

"Ride along with two lifetime friends on their twice yearly hunting and fishing trips all throughout the Western U.S. Join them in the studio and out in the field as they debate the finer points of ecological policy and ethics. One's a libertarian purest; the other a communist flirt, so things are bound to get interesting" 

The Labyrinth Project

Podcast Editor

A six episode podcast series produced through UCLA's Institute for Society and Genetics exploring the thorny issues around the urban ecology of Los Angeles

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